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Tipcy student society introduces Breda discount card

Going for post-class drinks with your fellow students or buying party tickets at a reduced price: Tipcy is making it happen for Breda students. The Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) student society is introducing a special membership card that offers students a range of discounts in local bars and restaurants. Chair Lennart Dreves reveals more about this initiative.

What kinds of activities and events is Tipcy currently organising?
‘Tipcy’s social calendar at the start of the year is pretty packed. There’s freshers’ week, various themed parties and our Christmas gala night. After that, it becomes quieter because many students go abroad. Which is a shame, as there are still plenty of foreign students around. Our aim is to set up more events to encourage students to come together. Friday afternoon drinks, for example, or get-togethers with fun and games. We’re also considering hosting guest lectures but that would take a lot of work to organise. We really are brimming with ideas and currently looking into ways to turn them into action.’

Why introduce a discount card?
‘We want to forge a closer connection between Dutch and international students. Dutch students return home and pursue their regular interests after class and on the weekend, while students from abroad remain in Breda. Our goal is to hold events that tempt Dutch students to stay in Breda and hang out with exchange students. We want them to discover that socialising with people from other countries can be a fun and rewarding experience.’


How to get it?
‘The Tipcy Membership Card is available for 10 euros from the first week of November and is valid for 1 year. The card comes with a booklet listing all the discounts. Breda businesses that participate in the discount scheme include Walkabout, Hart van Breda and Kerkplein. The card will be on sale at the entrance of the Hogeschoollaan building during the first week. After that, it can be ordered from our website And by the way, this card is not exclusively available to ASIS students. It’s for everyone in the Breda area!’

You will also be visiting Krakow soon?
‘That’s right. We are organising a study trip for the fourth consecutive year. This year, we’ll visit Krakow, Poland, from 12 to 16 November. I have completed an exchange programme there and I can tell you from my experience that it’s a fun and compact city. The study trip is one of Tipcy’s biggest events and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. You make friends for life. Interested students can also take part in a tour of Auschwitz on the last day of the study trip. This study trip is for ASIS students only. A limited number of places are still available. You can sign up via our website.’

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