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Pimp your laptop

L@pstick sells stickers with all kinds of prints. A fancy tiger skin, pokerchips or flowers on your laptop; on the website you can order over a hundred different prints. You can also design your own sticker.


The international student company, with Dutch, German and French students in it, imports the stickers from Germany. Doing so they meet the requirements of the school. IBL students have to import or export their products. ‘Some stickers will be sold abroad, because group members sell them to family and friends in their home country’, says Suzanne Neeter of the student company. The website is also set up internationally. Visitors can choose from four different languages.


One of the group members came up with the idea of selling laptop stickers. Market research at school and among family and friends showed that it was an interesting product to sell. The teachers were also enthusiastic, because the product is cheap and the target group (students) is close by. An additional advantage of the stickers is that they protect laptops from water, scratches and UV-radiation.


‘Our goal is that each member sells thirty stickers’, says Neeter. ‘That way our shareholders gain some profit.’ At the end of june the student company is being liquidated. [SW]

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