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Avans university sweaters

The sweaters have a special design. On the back there’s Avans ‘s-Hertogenbosch and some typical Dutch symbols like the flag and the crown. Also the dragon of ‘s-Hertogenbosch that’s in front of the central station is on it. The sweater is available in seventeen different colours.

University sweaters are often seen in the United States where every student has one. ‘We thought it was a good idea to have something like that here at Avans’, says Judith Kontny of the student company. ‘It’s something to remind you about your time at school.’ The students are very enthousiastic about the sweaters. ‘It looks nice and gives you a sense of community.’

Other students like the idea, but some for some of them the price (35 euros) is too high. ‘The sweater is high quality and the logo is embroidered’, says Christin Schumann. ‘You should see it as an investment’, adds Judith. Mostly foreign students want to buy it.

The international student company, with Dutch, German, English and French students in it, imports the sweaters with embroidery from Germany. Doing so they meet the requirements of the school. IBL students have to import or export their products.

The sweaters are sold untill the end of June. [SW]

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