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Former Avansstudent wins Olympic medal


With great success the Dutch team represented its country at the Olympics, coming back home with seven golden, five silver and four bronze medals. Among the best sportsmen and -women of the world, there are also former students of Avans University.  Besides Gravenstijn who studie Fysioptherapie in Breda there was Mathijs Brouwer who studied Management, Economie en Recht in Den Bosch and played in the national hockey team.

Eight years ago judoka Deborah Gravenstijn was fifth at the Olympic games of Sydney, four years back she won a bronze medal, but now she surprised herself by winning the silver medal. ‘I really knew I could do it. This silver medal is especially beautiful’, was her first reaction on Dutch television. Gravenstijn ended her Olympic carrier in Beijing, she thinks she’s too old to reach the next Olympics in 2012.

The Dutch hockey team played a thrilling final at the Olympics. Attacker Matthijs Brouwer proved his worth by scoring against Pakistan. After winning the silver medal four years ago in Athens, the hockey team lost this years' game for the bronze medal from Germany. The former student of Avans finished his carrier in China as a player of the national team with almost two hundred games.

Accountancy student Marion Denis saw it all happen right in front of her nose. She was invited by accountant agency Ernst & Young along with eleven other Dutch students to attend the Olympics. She was in the stadium during the hockey game between the Netherlands and Pakistan. In the heat of Beijing she was dancing along in the Holland Heineken House. ‘This is a very beautiful tournament. I witnessed the celebration of the golden and silver medallists in rowing. It’s superb and very cool to experience this.’ [EvG]

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