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The best DJ’s in town


The HBO Introfestival is without a doubt one of the biggest events for students in Breda. People can go grazy with three different stages in the centre of the city. Did you know that DJ Tiesto, voted for best DJ in the world twice, is a Breda native? Unfortunately he will not be performing on the HBO Introfestival but his collegeas who will, are also among the big shots in the international dancescene. For instance Erick E who’s known for his sets on big festivals like Dance Valley and Sensation White but also performs in clubs in London and Miami.

Another big name on the bill isn't a DJ but Dutch hiphopcrew De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Unlike American rappers De Jeugd don't sing about ganglife, life in the ghetto and how violent they are. No, these three guys sing about skinny jeans, rabbits and invented their own language with the hitsingle Watskeburt which can best be translated as 'Whahapnd'.

There’s also an HBO Introfestival in Den Bosch on September 18. That night will be hosted by Mental Theo, once known for making happy hardcore and definitely one of the major players in the international dancescene. He recently had a major hitsingle in the UK and the US with the song Now you’re gone.

Visit www.hbointro.nl for more information on both festivals. [AR]

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