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Very ‘gezellig’ at introduction for international students Avans


It's their first day at school and they´re waiting very quietly for Harry Koopman´s speech at the lecture-hall in Breda. Koopman is the director of Avans Hogeschool. He welcomes the students in French, German, English and even in Dutch. Koopman ends his speech by saying that the international students must enjoy their time at Avans and that their stay will be especially good for their personal development.

Romain Barant, Julien Domant and Piere Muratier from France study ‘Networks’ at Avans for six months. They just arrived and didn't see much of the city yet. 'What we have seen from Breda is that it is very nice and small', says Barant. 'I think we will enjoy it. At the moment we stay in a hotel but we hope to have our own apartment very soon.' The choice for Avans was very easy for the three Frenchman. 'Our university has contacts with Avans', explains Domant.

After the formal speeches and a walk through the building of Avans the students went to the city centre to enjoy and see Breda and for canoeing, bowling or driving in a horse-tramway.

After all these efforts, the students went to an Italian restaurant for diner. 'Most of the students thought it was very early to eat so I explained a few of the Dutch customs and habits', says communication employee Sophie Kalb. After diner there was a party in Publieke Werken with bitterballen and kipnuggets. The students from Den Bosch went back to their temporary appartements by bus. [MK]

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