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Network of foreign students in Holland


The goal of StudentBase is to set up an international network of Holland alumni and Holland alumni-to-be. All the information one needs on alumnimatters in the Netherlands is to be found on this site. You can read what other students have to say about their study and stay in the Netherlands.

There is also a business networking tool for alumni. The site informs you about all higher education institutions and upcoming events in the Netherlands or in your country. For example Nuffic already organises an annual party for Chinese students in Holland in december.  

‘There are plenty foreign students in Holland. Afterwards they go back and have a career. This a great possibility to link them all’, says Shen Li of the Avans International Office. ‘There are a lot of business opportunities to work international. If the alumni studied architecture, chemics or business: they all work with good companies and have this link with the Netherlands. It might be value adding for school development to link these people in a database, so they can be useful for one another and work together in business life.’ 

Until now different schools and universities made their own kind of network. But Shen Li thinks there are a great deal of possibilities with the big Nuffic-network of students who studied across the whole of the Netherlands. ‘A lot of schools created their own network, but not in an official way and not so well organized. We also established a network of Avansstudents on Facebook, so students can find one another. We didn’t have well organised events yet for them, but it’s a nice start.’ [EvG]

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