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The Netherlands lead in English-language higher education

As the market leader for English language higher education in Europe, the Netherlands wants its courses to be of a high quality. Therefore the ‘Code of conduct with respect to international students in Dutch higher education’ exists. By signing this code institutions make promises regarding to both the level of the actual instruction and the reception of students in The Netherlands. That this doesn’t always go well can be read here.

The range of 1.391 programmes is very diverse. Amongst it are courses in archaeology, industrial design, software engineering and tourism management.

Avans for instance offers the following courses to international students: Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Asian Business Studies (major), Biotechnology (minor), Molecular Research (minor), Environmental Technology and Management, Information Technology (major), Software Systems (minor), International Business and Management Studies,  International Business Communication (major), International Business Economics (major), International Business Programme, Network Engineering Course and Townplanning. [AR]

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