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Sweet things from Holland


Marika Kuisma from Finland thinks the sweets are good but hard. ‘I almost break my teeth.’ The Polish Edyta Wasilewska finds hopjes just like a sweet from her homecountry. ‘Only we have one with white in the middle.’ Hoyeong Yi from South-Korea says that she doesn’t like the sweets. But Philippe Laclef from France and Wenwen Han from China like it. Actually I don’t like coffee but this is tasty’, says Philippe Laclef.

Zoete drop

‘That doesn’t look very tasty’, says Laclef. ‘Really candy for old people.’ Wasilewska agrees: ‘this is where I was afraid of. It really tastes like medicin.’ Yi spits out the sweet. Han and Kuisma disagree. ‘I love it,’ says Han. Aggording to Kuisma it tastes like a Finish candy.

Jonge Goudse kaas

Even the Frenchman Laclef thinks that this cheese is one of the best in Europe. ‘Delicious’, says Yi. ‘I love all cheese.’ Also Kuisma and Han find the Dutch cheese ery tasty. According to Wasilewska it tastes well but is very fat. ‘In Poland most of the time the cheese isn’t that salt.’


Almost all of our testers want to take this cookie home. ‘Wonderfull’, says Wasilewska. ‘These are my favourite. The combination of waffel with caramel is great. Laclef is the only one who doesn’t like it. ‘It tastes like nothing. Maybe with coffee it’s okay, but I like chocolat cookies better. 


‘I’ve seen these before and thought they looked like dogfood’, laughs Kuisma. According to her and Laclef they have this sort of cookies with Christmas in their home countries. Wasilewska and Yi like the Dutch tradition. Han doesn’t eat the cookies anymore. ‘Ieuw, these are to sweet for me.’ [MK]

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