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USB stick with the look of a creditcard

Mayke van Bussel, a second year student, smiles like a real saleswoman. ‘The USB-stick has the format of a creditcard and fits easy in your wallet.’ Two GB for only 10 euros, a bargain according to the sellers.

Emergency solution

For their studentcompany the group of students ordered 250 pieces. Last week they already sold almost one hundred of them in the hall of Avans in Den Bosch. And that for an emergency solution. ‘We had another product in mind. But the manufacturer of that one had negative experiences with studentcompanies. So we had to search for another product to sell.’

The sale will continue this week. At Avans in Den Bosch and Breda. ‘The more we sell, the more profit our shareholders will have. And that’s our main objective.’ [EvG, translation:AR]

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

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