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‘IND responsible for risk foreign students’

Last month the inspector of education concluded that some Dutch universities weren’t careful enough while recruiting foreign students. Because of this, around two hundred international students, of the eight researched different universities, could have disappeared into illegality. Intelligence agencies are aware of the fact that these students could be potential terrorists.

Universities are not to blame

But according to Harm Beijer, director of Avans International Office, the universities are not to blame for this: ‘It’s the responsibility of the IND to make sure international students aren’t a safety risk. After all, the IND decides whether students get a visa.’

Avans follows standard laws in their recruitment and admission of foreign students says Beijer: ‘When a student applies at our university we follow protocols of the ministry of education. We check whether he has the right documents and speaks well English. We then send the student to the IND.’ [CT]

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