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Promoting Avans in Germany

There are different studymarkets throughout Germany where scholars can get orientated. Most students are in their final high school year.


‘Studying in Holland is very popular in Germany’, says Regine Bechler, teacher German language at the Academy for Management and Administration and the Avans School of International Studies both in Breda. ‘The Netherlands are not very far from home. The universities are very practical and lessons are often given in small groups. Germans also find it nice that Dutch people are often more relaxed than they are.’

The number of German students who study at Avans gets higher every year. ‘At first students in Germany didn’t have to pay to go to university. Now they have to pay as well. It’s an extra stimulant for them to study abroad’, says Bechler.


Avans has promotion students on studymarkets in different cities in Germany during the whole year. ‘At the moment we look where most of the students come from. In the future we can recruit more in these areas.’

Most scholars ask for information about studies at the Avans School of International Studies. ‘These studies are in English. That’s why there’re popular. But the scholars can also come to us for other studies. They often ask for information, but students who are serious come to the open day of the school. You want to see where you go to.’ Also the studies at the artschool of Avans, AKV|St. Joost, are very popular in Germany. [MK]

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