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Low budget issue of Punt

How do foreign students at Avans view the crisis? What impact is it having on their country and what do they believe their future holds? To get answers Punt interviewed six foreign students. ‘My two brothers both work in construction in Georgia. Recently, they’ve been earning a lot less and are having to work harder for their money. Their sector is being hit hardest’, says Sharli Martin, Fine Arts student in Den Bosch.

From millionaire to criminal to student

Also in Punt 09 the story of Avans student Michiel Spekkers. He spent 21 months behind bars in Houston, Texas, followed by another seven months in a Dutch prison for swindling. At age 18 he was a millionaire because of his illegal activities. Now he’s a normal student.

Joost Frencken, lecturer of the Avans School of International Studies in Breda, tries to look into the future and predict what the economical crisis will mean for international students and international education.

Punt09 will be in school this day and can be found online here, take it and read it while it lasts. [AR]

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