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New English course in Breda

Jan Peters of the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) and René-Pascal van den Boom AAFM, both in Breda, are very enthused about the new English course International Financial Management (IFM) which should start in september.

So far the amount of studentapplications could be better. Is there a market for this course?

Van den Boom: ‘For sure. Dutch students Financial Management have said in the past they wanted to do an international variant. Students at ASIS have told us they would like to follow a course which is more prudential.’

Peters: ‘The same sounds came from enterprises. There is a demand for the course, but the course itself is still unknown. It takes some time before information on it has reached potential students. I’m sure people would like to follow it.’

What is the difference between IFM and International Business and Management Studies (IBMS)?

Van den Boom: ‘The new course is directe at a financial position within an international organisation or company. It’s mostly prudential and and a part language and culture.

Peters: ‘Whereas IBMS also is marketing, language, management. IMF is not an English version of an existing course. We have put it together from scratch.’

Why should an Asian student follow this course, instead of a course in their own country?

Peters: ‘You learn a lot about western culture. The attitude and ways to behave. That is of an adding value.’

Van den Boom: ‘German and Dutch financial education is in high international regard. And the good thing for Asian students is that in a short time they come in touch with a lot of different cultures.’ [AR]

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