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No problems yet for Avansstuden in Mexico

The Avans School of International Studies student follows a study at the University of Guadalajara. ‘He is worried to a small extent’, mentions Van Bragt, who called the student. ‘But he has no intention of going home. I also think this is not necessary. Guadalajara is outside the areas where swine influenza is established.’

Deadly victims

By now the virus has caused 150 deadly victims in Mexico, according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry also mentions that it is unknown why there are so many deadly victims in Mexico, as the WHO said that it seems to be a good treatable virus. Foreign Affaires advices nevertheless not to travel to Mexico if it is not necessary.

In other countries the virus also popped up, still in small accounts. For example in Spain and New-Zealand.

International Office co-ordinates communication

Yesterday all academydirectors achieved a letter that mentions that the International Office will co-ordinate all communication with students who stay in foreign countries.

At the moment there is no reason to panic, according to Van Bragt. The Office continuously follows recent developments, so that Avansstudents can be informed immediately. ‘Therefore I keep up with the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the RIVM, ECDC and WHO.’ [PM]

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