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Foreign students organise Dutch bike tour

Together with some other foreign students Marin wanted to discover the beautiful nature of the Netherlands. They decided to arrange a bike tour on the 30th of May. Because of the amazing flora and fauna Marin and his cycling buddies have chosen Texel, one of the Dutch islands in the Wadden Sea, as their destination.


Besides a tour around the island the group will also test Dutch food specialties in a restaurant. Afterwards people can overnight at a camping, because all the hostels and hotels are fully booked. People without camping stuff can still join the bike tour on the first day.The bike tour is not just meant to explore the Dutch nature explains Marin: ‘I want to show that we, foreign students, can organise an event in a strange country. And I also use the bike tour to promote Kaspersky, the company where I have my internship.’

Interested students 

Kaspersky, an anti-virus developer in Den Bosch, also sponsors the tour. Participating students therefore have to pay less to join the bike tour. Marin has four open spots left for interested students. Marin: ‘They don’t have to be foreign students. Dutch students are welcome as well.’

The bike tour takes place on the 30th of May. More information can be found on facebook and students can subscribe by e-mailing to jp.marin@student.avans.nl. [CT]

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