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Former student fighting in Japan

Canan will fight this Sunday. And she’s keeping the people at home updated through her blog http://www.cananinjapan.nl/ (in Dutch).

Bart Dooremalen a former student Fysiotherapy at Avans is accompanying her as her coach.

Prizes in 2008

Last year Canan already won the following prizes:

Gold on Belgium open Kyokushin Tezuka -65 kg

Gold on European open Ashihara NIKO -65 kg

Gold on Dutch open IFK -60 kg

Gold on Swedish open Shin Kyokushin -65 kg

Gold on Europa-cup Kyokushin union

Gold on European open IBK -60 kg and + 60 kg

Visit her site http://www.cananyorulmaz.com for more information. [AR]

Here is a short movie of Canan fighting in 2008:

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

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