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First impressions of Avans

Lots of walking and cycling 

‘I was exhausted after the introduction week’ , starts Chinese student International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) Diana. ‘We had to do a lot of cycling and walking. To be honest I don’t understand why. All activities were within quite a distance of each other. Not that is wasn’t fun last week. I had a great time with my new classmates. The whole group consisted of Chinese. One teacher didn’t like us talking Chinese with each other the whole time. So we started talking in English. So far I like it at Avans. The building is small though compared to my University in China. But that doesn’t really matter. This way I don’t have to walk as much as during the introduction.’

Looking for a footballclub 

‘The Dutch are very friendly’, says IBMS-student Taher Al-Lawati from Oman. ‘There are four people from Oman studying here. Me and another guy just arrived. Two girls are here for a week already. Sadly enough I missed the introduction week. I would have liked to join. But I have enough time to meet new people. I came here to get my degree, but also to make new friends and have fun. That shouldn’t be a problem. After I have taken care of my student administration I want to go and search for a club where I can play football.’ [MEdG/translation:AR] 

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