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ASIS goes Europe part 3

At this day we visited the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. At the Court we attended a case and at the Parliament we attended a plenary meeting. A couple of students were able to make an appointment with one of the Dutch members of the Parliament. She gave us a short impression about her work.

Court of Human Rights 

In the morning we arrived at the European Court of Human Rights. We accompanied a case of the Grant Court called Taxquet v. Belgium. The suspect was condemned to 20 years in prison, but, at his opinion, the process wasn’t fair. The applicants thought was that, the jury didn’t give a proper motivation why Taxquet was guilty. This isn’t necessary in Belgium and that is, according to Taxquet, in breach with EU law. The fifteen judges attended in the Grand Chamber ended this case with a question answer round.

In the court we also had a meeting with mister Egbert Meijer, he is a judge of the European Court of Human Rights since 1-11-2004. He gave us a little lecture and we were allowed to ask question about his work.

European Parliament 

After the lunch we visited the Louise Weisz Building of the European Parliament. At first we had a meeting with Sophie in ‘t Veld (D66), a Dutch member of the European Parliament. She talked about democracy within the European Union. She gave examples about freedoms of all citizens within the EU should have. She is also in favour of harmonization of political decisions in certain areas. Here presence was short but interesting, she is a very busy woman. 

After miss In ‘t Veld, we had a meeting with Sebastiaan from the visitors centre of the Parliament. He gave us some information about the tasks of the Parliament and the way these tasks are executed. He also talked about the different political groups within the Parliament. The last topic was about the parliamentary decision making process. Afterwards, Sebastiaan took us to a monthly plenary meeting of the Parliament. Here we listened to a debate about transnational seas. [Maryvonne Bouman and Roxanne van Mieghem]

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