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Learn to be a debater

Both today and on Thursday October 15th students interested in speaking in public can join the courses. Klaas Dijkhof, 28 years old and the first man of the Dutch political party VVD in Breda,  will guide the attendees in the world of debating.

Future career 

‘Debating isn’t really important in our educational system’, says Jochem Verwijnen student International Business and Management Studies in Breda and one of the organisers. ‘However if you know how to debate you also get to be a better public speaker. This can be important in your future career.’

Attending costs 7,50 euros. In exchange you will get admission to the workshop and some free drinks. If you’re interested send an email to info@tipcy.eu. The location of the workshop will be marked in the Avans building in Breda. The workshop starts around 7 pm. [AR]

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