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400.000 kilos of waste at Avans

 'But things can always be improved. After recycling and separation, the best offices are left with 12 per cent of refuse, the remainder of which is converted into raw materials. Avans is currently converting 30 per cent into raw materials.'

In doing so, the college is far outperforming other Dutch educational institutes, Dobbelsteijn told the audience. In his words: 'Avans is the "cleanest" college in the Netherlands'.

Green Energy 

Approximately 54 per cent of Avans' total waste stream is converted into green energy. 'As a result, I am pleased to present the college with a Waste to Energy certificate', Dobbelsteijn said. This means that the total volume of green energy produced by Avans, is in balance with the college's total energy consumption. 

According to the EcoSmart director this achievement is mainly owed to the fact that the college is putting a lot of conscious thought into its waste collection policy. [AR]

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