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Farewell BBQ and Party for ASIS students

The party will take place this Thursday, the 10th of June, starting at 19.00 hours with a BBQ at café De Speeltuin in the Visserstraat in Breda. For only 12,50 Euros you’ll have unlimited access to bread, fries, salads and meat. You'll also receive five drinks (beer/wine/soda).

Sign up!

If you want to go to the BBQ, you’ll have to sign up at the ASIS office desk. Signing up is possible until Wednesday 20.00 hours. Write your name on a paper, and if you want the name of your friend, partner or classmate. Put the paper, with the right amount of money (12,50 Euros for each person), in an envelope and drop it in the box.

After the BBQ the Farewell Party continues at café Dos Amigos, also in the Visserstraat in Breda. This party starts when the BBQ ends, around 21.30 hours, and it will continue until 4.00 hours. Be there this Thursday! [LJ]

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