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ASIS graduates celebrated in Breda

All teachers and students were dressed in special gowns and caps. The student gowns were black, the teachers were dressed in red and blue and ASIS-director Nies Rijnders had a distinguishing red gown. The heat made it a challenge to wear the gowns, which were made of wool, but it was a festive part of the ceremony.


About 40 students of International Business and Management Studies received their graduate diploma, in front of teachers, family and friends. Graduate Laura Smulders was crowned to be the best student of ASIS in her grades. She had the highest average of grades and she received a 8,5 for her final paper.

Ilse van der Veeken was chosen to be the best ‘ambassador’ of ASIS. ‘She has always connected people’, ASIS-director Rijnders explained. ‘For example when she was in the United States for her double degree.’ Both prizewinners received a small sculpture and 250 Euros. [LJ]

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