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Benefits for TIPCY members


TIPCY members will have a discount on visiting the hairdresser, the cinema or certain restaurants and bars. ‘The student will receive a membership card to demonstrate being a TIPCY member’, explains Sjoerd Gersonius, chairman of TIPCY. ‘We made a deal with the Must See cinema in Breda to get a discount and we’re still making deals with others.’

The TIPCY membership is open for every student of ASIS: new students and sitting students. It costs 15 Euros for one year or 8 Euros for one semester/two periods (a half year). The members will have free access to all the TIPCY parties, a discount on the Christmas Gala and the Farewell BBQ and also free access to TIPCY workshops.

Lectures and debates

Gersonius: ‘TIPCY aims to be a serious student union and not just a party club. In the future, the union wants to organise guest lectures and debates with, for example, Dutch politicians. We already approached some interesting people. We also provide in useful information for ASIS students, for instance about going abroad or housing.’

During the ASIS Introduction days for international students, Thursday 26th until Saturday 28th of August, it is already possible to apply as a member. Read more about TIPCY, the welcome days and the new membership possibilities on the website . [LJ]

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