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3.000 euros for outstanding performance

Marja Kamsma, member of the Executive Board of Avans, presented the scholarships to the students of Chinese, Taiwanese, Brazilian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese origins past friday. In her speech she pointed out that some universities give scholarships beforehand while Avans wants to encourage students to perform well during their time at the university.


Kamsma also asked  the students about their first impressions of the Netherlands when they started at Avans. ‘Could you manage the directness of the Dutch?’,  she asked one of the students. ‘Yes I could. I had already heard about it and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being direct’, was the answer.

The scholarship wasn’t the main motivation for these students to come and study at Avans. Some only heard about it after applying. Another student saw it as a very small encouragement. ‘But my main motivation to study here is the good college program. And the fact I could live with my uncle and aunt who also live in Breda’,  said one of the Vietnamese students.

Chinese drivers license

One of the Chinese students will accompany Kamsma and regional entrepeneurs on a business trip to China next week. She promised to treat the member of the Executive Board on dinner. ‘Now that  I can afford it.’ Asked how she planned to spend the scholarship another student said she wanted to get a car. ‘Because I do have a Chinese drivers license.’

After the award ceremony the students were invited to participate in a workshop. They all got colorful clogs and together had to perform some sort of rythmitic dance. [AR]

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