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International students blend in

While the brand new group is just starting up, the foreign students can already mark the first date in their agenda: November the 13th, Day of the International Student 2010. BlendIn-member Joep de Bilde, student Managemental Computer Science, explains: ‘We arrange the transport to The Hague en will guide the students during the day. Students can participate in workshops, eat Dutch food and party. And they of course meet other international students.’


Blend in


Latter is also the main goal of their own project. The name explains it all: BlendIn, blend in. De Bilde: ‘We want to bring students in contact with each other. When they arrive in Holland, they hardly know anybody. Of course there’s Tipcy, a Student Union especially for students of Avans School of International Studies, but Avans wanted to do something as well.’ 

The birth of BlendIn was a fact. Six students, three from Den Bosch and three from Breda, got the assignment to organise an activity each quarter. For example: In the beginning of 2011 there’ll be a skating/winterday, in May BlendIn organises a sporting day and the year will be closed with a scouting expedition including final party.


For De Bilde and his companions BlendIn forms a big challenge: ‘For the first time in our life we have to take care of a budget and arrange transport. We have to make decisions about how high the fee must be and how long an activity can last. It’s something we have to get used to. At least we have enough to discuss about during our meeting.’ [CT]

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