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Scholarship for best performing students

Avans University of Applied Sciences offers  a special grant for talented and excellent students: Avans Scholarship Programme for Best Performing non-EEA Foreign Students. Criteria for the Avans Scholarship are: The student has paid an institutional tuition fee of € 4,500 or more for the current academic year and the student has obtained at least 60 ECTS during  academic year 2009-2010.


The scholarships  are granted as a discount on the tuition fee for the re-enrolment in the next academic year. Avans scholarships are never paid in cash or transferred to a bank account.

The Awards ceremony this Friday starts at 2.30 pm with a reception. Paul Rüpp will present the scholarships at 4 pm. The whole ceremony takes place in Lecture Hall HD001 in Breda. [AR]

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