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Successful first excursion BlendIn

At least two thousand students came to the annual event of Nuffic, the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education. They danced on the typically Dutch wooden clogs, but there was also Bollywood dancing. Furthermore, there were workshops about the history of the Netherlands. Visiting Madurodam was an other optional part of the day.


About seventy thousand foreign students study in the Netherlands. The visitors of DIS 2010 came from all directions. From Avans too there was a big delegation. About 85 students from very different studies went to The Hague together with BlendIn, the new activities club for foreign students at Avans.

‘Saturday was a pleasant day. Our foreign students were very enthusiastic about this trip’, tells Jenna de Vries, a member of BlendIn. ‘We accompanied students from all backgrounds and nationalities: a group from China, a guy from Iran, some German students, French, Spanish, Eastern Europeans, you name it.’

For BlendIn, this was the first big event organized for the international students of Avans, but certainly not the last. This winter, they plan to go ice-skating together. The exact date for this event is not yet set, but the ice-skating will probably take place in February 2011. Follow BlendIn on its Facebook-page for the latest updates! [LJ, BB/HOP]

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