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‘Asia is the future!’

Three Dutch leading experts will give their insight in doing business in China. Ruud Stemerding, the first guest speaker, is an entrepreneur in several Asian countries. Henk Schulte Nordholt always worked on improving economic relations between The Netherlands and the Far East. The third guest speaker, George Ammerlaan, is the chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and is an expert on trade.

Organized by students

Students of the minor Asian Trade organize this seminar. They invited the guest speakers, arranged the location and now try to generate publicity. ‘We have been handing out flyers on the universities in Tilburg, Rotterdam and Den Bosch’, tells fourth year student Mohamed Ben Touhami. ‘The seminar is open to everyone. We also invited several (local) business people and companies. Asia is the future!’

The students convinced their teacher, and artist, Yuxian Mao to display her paintings during this afternoon. The seminar will take place in lecture room HF003. It starts at 13.00 hours and ends around 17.00 hours. The entrance is free. [LJ]

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