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ASIS wants international quality mark

ASIS is already is a member of the Network of International Business Schools: NIBS . NIBS has its own quality mark: for which the network tests the international character of a business school. Now, ASIS wants to try to obtain this quality mark.


As a first step, ASIS had to make a complete and critical self-analysis. Out of the 100 points, the school scores 76 points. At least 50 points are needed to pass this first component of the NIBS accreditation process.

So ASIS’ numbers are good, but not outstanding. The majority of the staff members of ASIS (62%) still is Dutch. But in the other 38% fifteen different nationalities are represented, so that is impressive. International guest speakers are still not a frequent occurrence.

In student numbers 42% is non-Dutch. They represent no less than 29 different nationalities. ASIS explicitly aims to increase the number of international students to at least 50% by 2014. In the curriculum, almost all textbooks, lesson content and case studies are international. And going abroad is compulsory for all ASIS-students.

Accreditation visit

On the 6th of April, three representatives of other international business schools (from Europe or the USA) come to visit ASIS. This NIBS accreditation panel comes to check if the degree of internationalisation of ASIS is high enough, thus if the self-analysis is correctly made. [LJ]

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