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Mumps among students in Brabant

GGD West Brabant (healthcare organization) advices students to check their vaccination certificates for vaccinations against mumps. Students who only once or never had a vaccination against the disease are advised to complete their vaccinations.

High risk

Students are more likely to get mumps through intensive contact, including through student union activities and living in dormitories. It is difficult to prevent infection, because mumps is also contagious before the symptoms occur. The only thing students can do is to maintain appropriate hygiene.

Sometimes symptoms don’t occur. One third of all adults with mumps has no symptoms at all, but is still contagious. The GGD West Brabant advices everybody who is not feeling well not to go to any social events. The risk of infecting people at places where a lot of people are gathering is very high.

Got the mumps?

You can still get the mumps when you are vaccinated, although the symptoms are usually milder in people who have been vaccinated twice. When you get the mumps all you can do is rest and drink a lot of water. When you are infected with the virus, the GGD West Brabant would like to know about it. Your information can help them investigating the outbreak. You will be contagious till about five days after the beginning of the disease. [IB]

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