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Who will be the new Avans Lecturer of the Year 2011?

Is there a lecturer that you find so funny, inspiring, brilliant, nice or motivating that you would like to shout it from the rooftops? For the fourth time already, Punt is organizing the Avans Lecturer of the Year election.


Wim Janssen

Last year, Wim Janssen (School of Marketing and Business Management ) won, taking over twenty percent of the votes. In the process, he beat Paul van 't Hullenaar (Academy of Media and User Experience) and Jeroen Alessie (at the time of the School of Health), to name just a few. 

The first winner of the Avans Lecturer of the Year election in 2008 was Mies de Koning (School of Social Studies in Den Bosch). The following year the trophy remained in Den Bosch after being won by Ger Saris (Academy of Engineering and Information Technology).



Students can already start and have a good think about who to nominate as Lecturer of the Year. Who is a crack lecturer? Who is always prepared to answer questions on teaching material? Who always immediately mails back with a reply?


Lecturers, be ready to do battle! Who will be able to get students to cast votes in his or her favour on a massive scale? Which lecturer is the most popular?



Students wishing to nominate a lecturer can send an E-mail to punt@avans.nl. State the name of the lecturer you are nominating plus your reasons why, the course programme you are following and last but not least, your name. E-mails can be sent up to 23 June. On 30 June the editorial office will announce the Lecturer of the Year 2011. Keep an eye on this website for any news and updates relating to the election. [SW]

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