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British students pay 550.000 pounds in fines

{mosimage}Freedom of information requests from the Guardian have shown students were fined a total of £551,237.30 for offences such as smoking, drunkenness, and unauthorised parties in the last academic year.

Hitting a member of staff

The results revealed a number of peculiarities in the amounts fined for each offence. At Brunel University, while ‘assisting students with online tests for money’ landed one student with a £250 fine, another was fined £50 for ‘hitting a member of staff’.

A student at Kent University was fined £50 for ‘insulting or violent behaviour including or involving racial, sexual or other abuse, harassment or threat of violence’ – the same amount that many were charged for smoking offences.

Stealing bread

Other offences that resulted in disciplinary action at universities included keeping chickens, leaving food on a window ledge, stealing loaves of bread and being prepared for a post-examination ‘trashing’ of another student. Warwick University issued fines totalling £350 last year to students who were ‘drunk’, with no further reason given. [AR]

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