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Non-EU students pay less for their entry visa

Non-EU students who want to study in the Netherlands, don’t pay 600 euros anymore for a visa and residence permit, but 300 euros. The costs for a renewal of the residence permit after one year stays the same: 150 euros.

European Council of State
{mosimage}The reduction comes after a decision by the European Council of State. It ruled that the Netherlands doesn’t comply with European directives and ask too much money for the documents. Following this decision Minister Fred Teeven (Security and Justice) adjusted the tariffs directly.

The fees for entry visas and residence permits has increased substantially since 1 July 2011. Before that date the costs were 438 euro, for a renewal: 52 euros.

Only charge actual costs
According to the immigration minister during that time Gerd Leers it was necessary to increase the costs to verify the actual costs that the immigration service makes. Nonsense, said institutions. The European Commission also stressed that Member States can only charge the actual costs for a license.

The Dutch political party PVV is afraid of a priming effect as a result of the measure, but according Teeven this will not become a problem. [SD]

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