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ASIS offers Latin American Business Studies

Motivated by the growing importance of the Latin America economy, the Avans School of International Studies  decided to create a new major in Latin American Business Studies that will be offered from September 2014.

There are now three majors offered by the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) in Breda as part of the International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) programme; International Business Studies (IBS), Asian Business Studies (ABS) and Cross-cultural Management and Languages (CML). A new major Latin American Business Studies (LABS) is in progress.

Brabant-Latin American relations

‘LABS will benefit from the established IBMS curriculum quality, as well as from the common framework that ASIS has developed’, explains dean Nies Rijnders. The structure of LABS will be comparable to ABS, with a focus on Latin American countries. The new curriculum will highlight critical subjects gaining importance in bilateral Brabant-Latin American relations, such as biobased economy, sustainable production and multinational distribution.

September 2014
The major will be offered from September 2014. A project group will be appointed to develop the major throughout the next school year (2013 – 2014). ASIS will establish partnerships with reputed universities in Latin America and with relevant companies. Both in the Brabant region and in the target countries.

Dean Rijnders: ‘ASIS recently conducted a study which proved the market demand for this new major. ASIS  is positioned to lead in this area:  there is no other major in Business Studies offered in the country, nor in the nearby countries (UK, Belgium and Germany) that focuses on the Latin American markets.’

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