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Increased number of foreign students

The enrollment of foreign students at Avans has increased again this year. Remarkably, this particular growth can be observed among the Eastern European students.

In 2010 in total 303 international students enrolled at Avans. In the two following years this number grew slightly; 323 in 2011 and 337 students signed up in 2012.

Significant increase
For the academic year 2013-2014 there are significantly more applications from foreign students who start a new college year at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

So far 381 students signed up at Avans. This number is according to Johan Pape of the International Office no established fact yet: ‘Experience shows that this number might shrink slightly, but a significant increase is clear.’

Eastern European students
Remarkably, this particular growth can be observed among the Eastern European students,  especially more Bulgarians, Hungarians and Poles have signed up this year to study at Avans. Also the number of Italians has doubled.

This, according to Pape, has to do with a number of factors: ‘It is obviously close to home. Many students are young and do not want to live on the other side of the world. In addition, this year International Office deployed more on recruitment in these countries.

‘Probably also the positive “word of mouth” communication and the good reputation of Avans have a positive effect on the intake’, adds Pape.

Pape emphasizes that the true motives of the students to choose Avans are currently being surveyed among those who have just arrived and those who have applied but eventually did not come.’

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