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International students welcomed

Almost 400 foreign students start a new college year abroad at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Tuesday arrived a first group of 242 students at Avans in Breda and Den Bosch.

This whole week foreign students from different academies will be welcomed by the Avans International Office. The students get a warm welcome from and will be treated on special Dutch candy and food: cheese, liquorice (in Dutch: ‘drop’) and treacles (‘stroopwafels’).

After a welcome speech and lunch they get all the information about their accommodation during their stay in the Netherlands and they will be brought to their new homes.

Diner and party
This Friday there is a joined programme for the students. They will be guided through the Avansbuilding in Breda and visit the facilities for students; student information desk, Xplora, the cafeteria, the ICT helpdesk. They get a tour around Breda and will visit Bress, the sport accommodation in this city for Avansstudents. The week ends with a diner and a party.


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