Lecturer wins Challenging Diversity Award

    Jonathan van Melle, lecturer at the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) has won the Challenging Diversity Award 2012-2013. Van Melle was handed the price of 2.500 euros by Ahmed Marcouch a member of Dutch parliament past Thursday.

    The Challenging Diversity Award is a national price for the employees of Universities of Applied Science who take the effort to help diversity within their university.

    Intercultural Management
    Van Melle says there are three things that helped him get the award. ‘First of all I’ve introduced and developed the course of Intercultural Management within the curriculum of ASIS. Secondly together with my colleague Kitty Muffels I’ve founded the Intercultural Learning Lab. Herein co-workers can share their experiences of working in an international environment with students from different cultural backgrounds. Lastly there’s my personal input where it comes to building bridges between students.’

    Ahmed Marcouch, a member of Dutch parliament and himself graduated as a lecturer at an university of applied science was full of praise for the five finalists. ‘It’s special to have so many pioneers together. At the same time it seems unreal. If there is one place where diversity should be the most common thing in the world it’s in education.’

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