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New minor about the global economy

Last Wednesday, the annual minor market took place in the Atrium of the Avans building in Den Bosch. Traditionally, this is the place where students of Avans search for new minors to pursue. A new minor about international business was presented.

As usual, all the representatives of the different studies of Avans tried to draw the students’ attention, either with glossy posters, smooth talks or chocolate candy. One of the new minors presented at the market was the minor Business Crossing Boundaries, presented by the School of Management and Governance of Avans.

This minor aims especially at foreign students. The complete course (lectures and literature) is in English. The minor is about global economy and international business, and covers areas such as law, governance, safety, communication and human resource management.

Study trip
The minor Business Crossing Boundaries will take place in the first two quarters of the next college year (September 2013 – January 2014). During the course, there will be a study trip abroad. The minor will finish with a ‘Global Business Conference’, where all students show their final products. Registering for this minor is possible until March 20.

For more information, send an e-mail to one of the teachers: Naïm Asbaâ (n.asbaa@avans.nl) or Serge Verwiel (scr.verwiel@avans.nl).

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