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Second-hand Avansbookmarket online

You don’t have to buy brand new books each block. Avansmarkt.nl is online, you can buy used books. What is so unique? You can see each other to close the deal: no more shipping and agency costs.

The price of second-hand books you order online is often the same as a brand new one in the store. Due to extra costs for mediation or to send the book. Also you never know in what condition the book arrives.

Jaafar Abdul Hussein, student Bedrijfskundige Informatica, started Avansmarkt.nl. Through this website Avansstudents and employees can sell or buy used studybooks, without administration or agency costs. And you can see the book and the seller before you actually purchase.

Extra fees
The student or employee places the book on avansmarkt.nl and decides how much he offers. Jafaar: ‘So students can still get some money for studybooks they probably will not be using anymore. At the same time they help fellow students at cheap(er) textbooks.’

‘Some studybooks are outdated and no longer useful. But many books can be reused by other students. A school year consists of four blocks and at the start of each new block, students have to buy new textbooks. Studying is expensive enough as it is.’

The books on Avansmarkt.nl are cheaper because you don’t pay extra for the service; administration or agency costs. ‘Other sites charge approximately ten percent fees of the selling price. You also have to send the book to the buyer so there will ‘shippingfees’.’

That’s the ‘unique selling point’ of the website. You can select an Avanslocation on the website, as supplier and buyer can meet face-to-face to agree to the deal. ‘It does save costs and buyers can take a look before they decide to buy. No surprises anymore how you find your purchase when it arrives.

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