The Netherlands popular among foreign students

    European students are excited about Dutch colleges and universities. Our little country gets a 8.8 from European students.

    Fourth place
    The Netherlands share a fourth place with Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Students who went to Austria, seem most excited after return: they give their study in that country a 9.1. According to a report of, they questioned nearly 17.000 European exchange students.

    Remarkably, the students don’t stay in our country to work. Over fifty percent of the students want to stay in the Netherlands. But only a fifth does it, while education minister Bussemaker is taking measures to keep more graduates here.

    The enrollment of foreign students at Avans has increased again this year. So far 381 students signed up. In 2010 in total 303 international students enrolled at Avans. In the two following years this number grew slightly; 323 in 2011 and 337 students signed up in 2012.

    This particular growth can be observed among the Eastern European students,  especially more Bulgarians, Hungarians and Poles have signed up this year to study at Avans. Also the number of Italians has doubled.

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