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Planning to go abroad for a while? Rent out your room

Students who intend to spend some time abroad for their studies or a work placement can easily sublet their rooms to foreign students. HousingAnywhere.com is a platform offering a centralised supply and demand overview of student accommodation.

Bulgarian Aleksandra Stoyanova, first-year student at International Business and Management Studies in Breda, is one of the HousingAnywhere ambassadors. ‘Students are often surprised to learn that they can place their rooms on the site for free. Students looking for rooms can also use the site free of charge.’

No scammers
The only thing you need when looking for or offering a room, is the email address of a university of applied sciences or a university. By doing so the platform provides students protection against scammers. Avans has also entered into a contract with HousingAnywhere.

As an ambassador, Aleksandra hands out flyers and hangs up posters at Avans. She has furthermore visited the different academies to attract publicity for HousingAnywhere. ‘I tell students who are going abroad that they can put their rooms on the site. Compared to last year, the number of rooms on offer in this area has risen from 11 to 39.’

Inform your landlord
This summer Aleksandra will be returning to Bulgaria for two months. ‘I decided to put my room on the site, and have found someone who is willing to rent it for two months!’ The only thing that is imperative when subletting your room, is informing your landlord. ‘This requirement is highlighted on the site repeatedly’, Aleksandra tells us.

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