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17 students receive 3.000 euros study grant from Avans

Each year, Avans awards scholarships to the best performing students from outside the European Union. The seventeen winning students come from countries including China, the US, Japan and Chile.

Avans awards the grant to encourage foreign students to come to the Netherlands and to study at Avans. They often pay more tuition fees than Dutch or European students. The grant makes studying at Avans more affordable. Only very high-performing students are eligible to receive the grant.

Students can receive the grant on a maximum of two occasions during their studies at Avans. This year six of the seventeen students are receiving the grant for the second time.

Trading nation
International trade is more important than ever, and this is especially true for the Netherlands as a traditional trading nation. This is also reflected in the competences that the students must have in order to keep up in a globalising world. Avans therefore prepares its students for an international market. Part of the process also involves arranging for foreign students to study at Avans. This also benefits the Dutch students: the presence of foreign students in international classrooms helps them to learn how to work and think at an international level. More than 900 students with a foreign nationality study at Avans.

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