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ASIS students aim to bring about real change within the school

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Starting last week, students at the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) will be able to express their views on the school during the Echo walk-in hour in Xplora. The ASIS Student Council has introduced this new feature with the aim of improving education.

‘We often hear people comment about ASIS during breaks or after a class,’ explains Lukas Schneider, third-year student of International Business and Management (IB&M) and co-initiator of Echo. ‘We can’t do anything with the given information at those times, but it certainly is valuable feedback.’

A different perspective
With Echo, Schneider hopes to involve students in the school. ‘It is important to ASIS to receive feedback from the students’ perspective, which differs to that of the staff. We know what’s going on and what we need. It’s not a case of a new coffee machine, we really want to bring about change.’

Making a difference
According to the IB&M student, ASIS is pleased with the initiative. ‘They are open to our opinions and ideas. By pooling this information via Echo and ultimately sharing it with management, we can make a difference.’

Every week, two students from the Student Council will attend the walk-in hour in Xplora. Students can fill in a form to state what they would like to see change within their study programme. The exact times that Echo will take place each week in Xplora will be announced on their Facebook page.

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