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Donated piano turns out to be untunable

Alexandra piano 1920
The grand piano that was donated to Avans during the summer break is untunable, a professional piano tuner told the DIF Facility Management & ICT Unit.

The piano tuner writes in an email: “It’s an impossible job in my opinion. This grand piano is an antique with many defects. There’s no pressure on the soundboard, which gives the piano a dead sound. Also, the strings are old and rusty.”

“Only once have I encountered an instrument with a system similar to this one in my 37-year career as a piano technician. I believe an overhaul would be unwise. Spare parts are virtually impossible to find, the cost will exceed the purchase price of a new instrument considerably and the results may be disappointing.”

Vintage car
The piano tuner says the instrument can be compared to a vintage car. “No matter how much you renew, repair and replace, it’s still an old car that will never have the performance and drive of a modern one.”

Alexandra Hercegno, an alumnus of the Avans School of International Studies (ASIS), donated the grand piano to Avans because she wanted to give back to the school where she had learned a lot. DIF has stated that the piano will remain in the HD001 lecture hall as a decoration.

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

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