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International students discover Breda in searing heat

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The Avans School of International Studies (ASIS) freshers’ period kicked off in the scorching heat today with a Crazy 88 challenge in Breda city centre. The students, however, turned out to be far from competitive: they went off in search of a cool beer.

The pavement in front of the off-licence is crowded. A group of International Business and Management Studies students are taking a break in the blazing sun. “We have done seven challenges so far”, Eline, a supervisor who has switched from IBMS to the Bachelor of Finance and Control, shouts. “We can do better than that.”

During Crazy 88, the students try to complete as many challenges as possible in 3 hours. These include hugging a stranger, teaching a yoga class in front of the Grote Kerk church and fitting a whole Big Mac in your mouth.

Somewhere nearby a number of students try to get a waiter’s mobile number, while a group of male students is attempting handstands. “Do we feel like doing more challenges? Or is it time to get hammered?” a loudly singing supervisor walking past shouts. The freshly bought Coronas are raised in a toast.

Asis intro 1920

Not taking it too seriously
Matthijs, a first-year IBMS student, is having a great time. “We’re not taking the game too seriously but it’s great fun. I’m sorry I can’t have any beer though. I’m driving.” Classmate Ivar is having none of that. “You’re having shots with us and that’s the end of it. You can sleep in your car.”

This freshers’ day is an initiative of the Tipcy study society. After finishing Crazy 88, the students are taken on a pub crawl to discover Breda’s hotspots before ending the hot day with a barbecue at Strand Binnen.

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