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Still no accommodation for 11 international students

illustratie: Julika Runow
Eleven overseas students still have not been able to find a room in ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Breda. Avans is appealing to its employees for a second time.

“This year, finding accommodation for all students has proven harder than before”, Jimi Menke of the International Office (IO) says. The IO already expressed its concern in early September over the large number of students still staying with friends or at hotels.

Not returning home
“Although a number of rooms have become available over the past few weeks, it’s not enough to accommodate everyone”, Menke continues. The international students, however, are not ready to give up yet. “They can stay in their lodgings for the time being and we are no longer contacted by students who intend to go home.”

Menke hopes more rooms will become available soon. “We will keep looking. Please let us know if you or a co-worker might have a solution.”

Punt. Of had jij nog wat?

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