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Hotspots Breda: The best places to go

Darya Krapyva, who recently earned her Bachelor of Business Management Studies in Breda, simply adores the city where she has spent her student days. She reveals which student hotspots in town are not to be missed.

Bagels & Beans is one of my favourite places to eat lunch. I often order the ‘everything bagel’ with Japanese-style wild salmon topped with teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayonnaise. I have a friend who has a gluten allergy. She can also have lunch there, as they also serve gluten-free bagels.”

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“I met my boyfriend at the Mezz music venue 3 years ago. Like me, he recently graduated from Avans. He studied Communication & Multimedia Design. I’m not a pub person, so when I go out I prefer Mezz. It attracts a creative crowd and they have great parties there. Mezz plays more alternative music genres, such as drum and bass and techno. I used to go there every week, but now I only go a few times a year. Since I can still travel on public transport for free as part of my student loan, I prefer parties in Amsterdam.

‘Yirga serves the most delicious coffee and cake. Cappuccino and cheesecake are my favourites.’

Studio Dependance is my hang-out of choice if I do have to pick a cafe. Palm Parkies is a fun event in the summertime. It’s a series of free concerts in Valkenbergpark, near the railway station.”

Sint Annastraat
Scoops has delectable frozen yogurt. You can choose a number of different toppings with it. I usually opt for fresh fruit. I prefer frozen yogurt to regular ice cream.

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A little further down the same street you can find Yirga. They serve the most delicious coffee and cake. Cappuccino and cheesecake are my favourites. They also serve lunch but have never had lunch there. It’s only a tiny place that can become quite crowded. They have a small terrace across the street.”

Eating out
Il Padrino offers some great pizzas and pastas. It’s a budget-friendly place too, with pizzas at 7.95 euros and the most expensive pasta at 8.50. Order a drink with your meal, and you can eat dinner for 10 euros. My friends don’t want to eat there because they feel it lacks atmosphere. I go there with my classmates when we have something to celebrate.”

Al fresco
Café Vulling is inexpensive because there is no service outside. You have to get your drinks from the bar yourself. They offer a range of craft beers and tasty croque-monsieurs. I held my birthday party there once. If you’re on the terrace, you can enjoy the sun until late. ’t Hart van Breda, a little further down Grote Markt square, has the best nachos in town.”

‘We go to Il Padrino when we have something to celebrate’

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Shoes and clothing
“I bought my sneakers at Epic. They were on sale, so I got them at half price. The sneakers Epic sells are just that little more edgy. I usually buy 1 pair every season but right now I have to economise as I’m saving up for a trip to Indonesia.

H&M is the only store where I shop for clothes. Breda has many outlets of the big chains. I miss the small, independent boutiques.”

“I bought the items and furniture I still needed for my student room second-hand. Breda has a number of second-hand shops. I got the majority of my items from the one located behind the Jumbo supermarket in the Belcrum area.”

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