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Hotspots Den Bosch: Relaxing outside with a beer

Lucas Schuiling earned his Bachelor of Finance and Control degree in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and is the Secretary of the Animoso student society based in this town. “If I ever leave Noord-Brabant, I will always come back to celebrate carnival.”

Feestcafé De Taveerne
“This is my favorite bar in town. They offer a student discount on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The fact that they don’t close until 4 a.m. is another plus. This is the place to go to after 2 p.m., when all the other bars shut their doors. You can dance to Dutch-language music and the latest chart hits here. If you want to be admitted, you do have to be aged 18 or older.”


Kebab Deluxe
“Atila’s kebab shop is just around the corner from De Taveerne. He’s always nice and friendly. When I’m on the other side of town and I suddenly feel hungry, I sometimes call him and ask him if he can make me a pizza. I always find it waiting for me when I arrive at his shop. Atila is currently in Turkey, so I’m posing with the chef instead.”

Student street
“Van Noremborghstraat houses many students. You can still hear music being played in a lot of homes when you cycle down this street after a night out. It’s not far from the city centre. I live next to the Verkadefabriek, a former biscuit factory which has been transformed into a cultural centre.”




City brewery
“Café Bar le Duc has its own brewery called ’t Kolleke. Bar le Duc is not really a student pub but it’s a fun place to meet up with friends. They offer a large selection of craft beers.”

IJzeren Vrouw lake and Prins Hendrik park
“This is a great place to hang out when the weather is nice. Just relaxing outside with a beer. There’s very little green space in the ’s-Hertogenbosch city centre, but this spot is right around the corner. You don’t see many people swimming though. If you want to take a splash you’re better off visiting Oosterplas lake.”


Bus driver
“I work as a bus driver on an on-call basis alongside my studies. The temp agency I work for has paid for my bus driving licence on the condition that I work at least 1,000 hours as a bus driver. So far, I have already spent more than 500 hours behind the wheel. I love driving around ’s-Hertogenbosch. If you take the bus here, chances are I’ll be your driver.”


Las carnival shop
“Residents of ’s-Hertogenbosch traditionally wear a smock at carnival. Every year has its own official badge, which people sew onto their smocks. Many bars also create their own badges. Don’t be surprised when you see locals with one hundred badges on their outfit. If I ever leave Noord-Brabant, I will always come back to celebrate carnival. This shop is open all year round. For us at Animoso this is great, because we organise a lot of fancy dress parties. When we do, this is where I buy decorations for the venue. The other day I got some gold-coloured decorations for our upcoming ‘Golddiggers’ party.”


“Be careful not to call Sint-Jan a ‘church’ around born-and-bred ’s-Hertogenbosch people because they are sure not to appreciate it. Sint-Jan is a cathedral. This year it’s possible to climb it as part of the Hieronymus Bosch Year celebrations. I would love to do that. Sint-Jan is the ultimate ’s-Hertogenbosch landmark in my opinion, so be sure to visit it.”

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