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Hotspots Tilburg: Always something to see and do

“Tilburg is very much a student town. It’s evident both by day and by night.” Merel Tax is a third-year student of the Bachelor of Healthcare Technology and an executive member of the Totus student society. She loves a stroll around ‘her’ Tilburg.

A night out
“Wednesday night is our regular night out. We go to Polly Maggoo to see its house band, Jongens Van Je Weet Wel, play. The combination of live music and a DJ always creates a great vibe. If you order a drink before midnight, you get a second drink for free. Polly also serves a good and affordable lunch. Its outdoor terrace is packed in no time if the weather is good. This also goes for the other terraces on Korte Heuvel street. Thursday night is party night for most students, but you won’t find me among them very often. That’s when we hold our social evenings.”

“All the big fashion chains have outlets in Tilburg. These are the clothes everyone buys. That’s why I often shop at Pull & Bear. I like the fact that it’s not located in every high street and it has a wide range of items that are affordable on a student budget.”

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“Tilburg has 2 large cinemas. I usually visit Pathé because my digs are in the city centre. A ticket at this cinema is only 7.50 euros with a student card. Many students visit Euroscoop, just outside the city centre, on Monday evenings, when tickets are only 5 euros. I don’t go to the cinema for every film I want to see. Occasionally I download films as well.”

“Bolle is possibly Tilburg’s best known student bar”

Bolle is possibly Tilburg’s best known student bar. While a night out there is always fun, I also go there for lunch and dinner. Bolle serves a range of sampler platters with delicious snacks. I always order one together with a friend when I’m there. Havana is another great place to eat and Happy Italy serves tasty, affordable pastas.”

“I like to make sure I have finished all my assignments at Avans. This saves me from having to study in my student flat. As I do not always manage to do that, I also study at the library often. It has a number of study booths on the second floor as well as a large selection of books that are great study aids.”
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“The Dwaalgebied area boasts a range of small shops. It’s the perfect place to look for a unique gift. Tilburg city centre is rather compact. Everything is within walking distance. I would recommend every student to take a stroll through the city to discover their own favourite spots. If the weather is nice you can relax on a terrace or in one of the many parks. Me and my flatmates usually hang out at Wilhelminapark.”

Mugs and Muffins is the place to be for truly delicious coffee. They offer free Wi-Fi and a selection of newspapers. It’s the perfect spot to spend an hour or so. They also have wonderful treats to go with your coffee.”

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